Companies and people you should know

Keith McNeill Plumbing  A problem with plumbing can be a minor annoyance or a major disaster.  This company will solve all your plumbing problems.

Doug's Lamp and Shade and Doug's Vacuum Center may sound like an odd combination but they have an amazing selection of lamps and shades.  They can even make a lamp for you.  As far a vacuums are concerned there isn't anyone in town more knowledgeable.  They have the vacuum solution for residential or commercial.

John Cheney Allstate Insurance Company  Need to insure your boat, car, RV, motorcycle, home, beach house, jewelry, call John Cheney.

Waterstone Mortgage a company with great customer service and great rates. Jay Ralstin

Action Coach   Most businesses have challenges with time, team or money. Mark Raciappa can help you fine tune or overall your business. 

Payroll Matters  If you are leasing or using another payroll service, call Payroll Matters to compare.  You will be glad you did.

Rumbles Office Equipment Solutions, Lora Kibler offers superior service and a consultative approach to sales. Copiers, printers, scanners

Teresa Teeter Massage Therapist  What a difference an hour can make!  Teresa has experience with all kinds of special needs. 

Thompson Crawford and Smiley.  Business law, family law, wills, estates, bankruptcy.  This is a
highly respected established firm that does a great job.  When you need an attorney you need a good one.

E-vanatge Internet Marketing  For all your online needs, Website developement throught to email marketing and online advertising.  They are local to Tallahassee and have great customer support.

P3 Automative Great service for all your automotive repair needs