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When It's Not A Good Time To Buy

The popular refrain, "It's a good time to buy," may be good advice for most consumers some of the time, it's not good advice for all buyers all of the time. FULL STORY->

Lower Rates Help Homebuyers with Rates Ready to Reset

Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) in which the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 6.31 percent with an average 0.5 point for the week ending September 13, 2007, down from last week when it averaged 6.46 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 6.43 percent. FULL STORY->

Ask Realty Times

Why would a lender restrict fees to 7.99 percent of the loan amount? Should I refinance my property and invest in mutual funds? Can a middleman sell a home? Peter G. Miller looks at the week's most interesting questions for Realty Times. FULL STORY->

Careless Buyers Making Deal-Killer Mistakes

It's every homebuyer's nightmare -- write the contract, get it ratified, go through the excruciating mortgage application process, get approved, and then at the last minute a hang-up turns your American Dream into a nightmare. What's most frustrating is when it's your own fault. FULL STORY->



Take an Objector Lawyer to Lunch Day
More people are hiring objector lawyers to fight against inappropriate development proposals. Columnist Stuart Lieberman explains. FULL STORY->

Economy 'Certainly Close' To Realty-Made Recession
No recession -- yet -- but more economists are pointing to recessionary conditions due to the mortgage market morass that's caused the housing market slide. FULL STORY->

Apartment Industry Benefiting from Housing Downturn
Average rents increase in second quarter, reflecting downturn in for-sale housing, but higher costs take more of renters' income. FULL STORY->

Real Estate Investors and the Paper Trail
Many beginning real estate investors lose the paper trail in the excitement of the investment. That trail winds up in a shoebox on a CPA's desk at the end of the year. FULL STORY->

Life Is A Beach
It's not that people want to march into the sea, but the nation's beaches do beckon those who say their favorite place to live is along the coast. FULL STORY->

Two Arizona Counties Are Biggest Gainers
Flagler County, Fla., is the nation's fastest growing county no more, according to the latest tabulation from the Census Bureau. Now the title belong to Pinal County, Arizona. Lew Sichelman has the numbers. FULL STORY->

Ask the HOA Expert
Should correspondence between board members be confidential? FULL STORY->

TREB: August Sets the Stage for a Strong Autumn Market
More people in the Greater Toronto Area bought resale homes last month than in any August before, Toronto Real Estate Board President Donald Bentley announced. FULL STORY->

Smart Buying Decisions: Toilets Prove the Point
The purchase of appliances and fixtures is good training for decision making. PJ Wade uses the purchase of a new toilet to demonstrate how confident decision making should become an automatic skill to save time and money while preserving value. FULL STORY->

Who's To Blame For Mortgage Morass?
Start with the Feds and end with consumers, but there's lots of blame in between when it comes to who is responsible for the subprime mortgage market morass. FULL STORY->

Is The Subprime Mortgage Meltdown Over?
When will the subprime mortgage meltdown be over? As columnist Peter G. Miller explains, it already is. FULL STORY->

Ask George & Chuck: Questions from Consumers
Can I buy even if I have very little savings? Should my sister put her name on the deed? These questions and more in this week's column. FULL STORY->

Could Your Closets Be Turning Off Buyers?
Especially as the market slows in many areas, homeowners are looking to fine-tune the look of their homes before they put their house on the market. But all too often an area that gets forgotten is the closet. FULL STORY->

Are National Home Prices Down 3.2 Percent or Up 3.2 Percent?
Two major indexes that purport to measure national and local home value movements reached the point of total disagreement late last month: Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller index reported values down 3.2 percent from mid-2006 to mid-2007. But the federal government's own index found prices nationwide up by an average 3.2 percent for the same period. What's going on here? Ken Harney explains. FULL STORY->

Finding Partners for Development Deals: An Interview with John Monk
What was the impetus behind forming the RealSource Development Company? Columnist Peter Mosca finds out. FULL STORY->

It's A Good Time For A Home Inspection

Housing Counsel: Be Careful of Low Interest Loans

Lenders' Worst Enemy in the Short Sale Arena

Where There's Fire, There's A Smoke Threat

Mortgage Loans: Know What You are Signing

Long Term Mortgage Rates Almost Unchanged

New Real Estate Survey Favors Oprah over Donald

Survey Says Builders are Getting Better in Canada's Largest City

Green Homes, Green Brokers Tackle Global Warming

HOA Records in Record Time

Mortgage Market Woes Takes Toll on Jobs

Back To Basic Home Buying Skills

Should We Tax Homes By The Square Foot?

Home Insurance: What Does "Insured" Mean To Me & My Property?

California Based Corporation -- "Personal Shopper Plus" for Best Real Estate Investments

Readers Choice

Housing Market Heat Concentrates Out West

Fair Isaac to Pull the Plug on FICO Score Boosting Schemes for Mortgages

Markets May Have Hit Bottom

'Top Ten Things to Look For In A Realtor'

Have We Reached Bottom?


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