Curb Appeal for Winter

Are you selling your home or office?  Curb appeal isn’t just something for the spring and summer.  Go stand across the street and take an honest appraisal of what a potential buyer sees.   We may have fewer options plant wise and our lawns are dormant but there is plenty that can be done to give yourself the extra edge.   Now is the time to make sure that all your beds are weeded and fresh new pine straw or mulch is put down.  This will keep the beds looking fresh for the entire winter and early spring. 

What about color?  There are a few flowers and ornamentals that add color and last for the colder months.  Annuals like pansies add a variety of colors.  They can work well in baskets and pots or right in the ground.  Camellias are lovely landscape plants that come in a variety of sizes and colors when blooming and stay green all year long.  Ornamental  cabbages and mustard also add color and a fresh green.   If you really want to set your home apart, you can seed your lawn area with rye seed.  This is one of the few grasses that stays green all winter and will even grow in shady yards.

When was the last time you used your front door?  Polish up the hardware and paint the front door.  Is the glass sparkling clean? Make sure that the summer’s mud daubers nests are gone and the spider webs are wiped away.  Pressure wash the front steps, walkways and driveway or parking area.

What about the mailbox?  Give it a fresh coat of paint and replace the numbers.  If someone is driving along looking for the address, it is the first thing to catch their eye.

A little personal effort and a very modest budget can make all the difference.  Your curb appeal can make the difference in whether or not you even get a showing.  Set the tone, invite buyers in and get ready for a contract on your property whether it is commercial or residential property.