Our Philosophy on Selling is to:

  • Market your property – aggressively  and creatively
  • Negotiate in a no-nonsense, professional and knowledgeable manner
  • Interpret the huge volume of information on selling in this market, and make sense of it so you can make the best possible decisions in a timely fashion
  • Ensure your property is easy to show and sell
  • Determine a reliable sales price with sound comparables to support the value

Understanding Your Expectations

The following questions will help us understand what is most important to you in the sale of your property:

How often do you want to be contacted, and what is your preferred way of staying in touch?    
Why are you considering selling your property at this time?    
Time Frame
Is there a certain date by which the sale of this property needs to close? How flexible are you on this time frame?    
Relocation Assistance
Will you need information or assistance in moving to a new area?    
Homeselling Decisions
Are there any other individuals who will be involved in your property sale decision?    
Do you have specific expectations as to the selling price of your property? Do you anticipate a certain amount of net proceeds from this sale?    
Marketing Plan
Are there any specific activities you expect to see included in the marketing of your property?    
Previous Homeselling Experience
Have you ever sold a house before?  
Positive Experiences
What were the most positive features of your previous selling experiences?    
Did you have any bad experiences with previous homeselling experiences that you hope to avoid at this time?

Traditionally, a seller’s objective has been to sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Consumers know that hiring a full-time, full-service professional is the best and easiest choice to put more money in their pockets and achieve a sale in the most efficient time frame.
Other REALTORS® know Cindy Cooper & Georgia Turner are easy to work with and have experience they can trust!

Why Is This Important To A Seller?

… because, other REALTORS® like to show our listings.  They have confidence in our abilities to help them “sell a home.”  REALTORS® know:

  • Cindy Cooper & Georgia Turner listings have a reliable sales price with sound comparables to support the value.
  • Our properties are easy to show and show well.
  • We are easy to reach and returns calls promptly.
  • We know the neighborhood and surrounding community and can help “sell a lifestyle.
  • We are experts when it comes to financing and if there is any way to overcome a financial objection we can do it.
  • We are expert no-nonsense negotiators.
  • If they sell one of Cindy Cooper’s & Georgia Turner’s listings, the transaction will close.

We know that our primary objective is to market your property in the best possible manner.  What better way than to have hundreds, possibly thousands, of other professional REALTORS® ready, willing, and anxious to sell our listings?