Just as when you meet someone for the first time, first impressions count and you don’t get a second chance at your first impression.  In other words, your Mom was right.

What do you need to do to ensure that your home makes a good first impression?

Clean, clean, clean!  Invest in a professional cleaning company to do a deep cleaning.

Paint, paint, paint!  This is relatively inexpensive and will give you an incredible return on your investment.  Neutralize your wall colors, paint your front door.  You want the buyer to visualize their belongings in the property.  If your colors are too bright or personal, the buyer will be thinking “My sofa would never go in this room.  I have to paint”.

The day you decide to put your home on the market for sale, it is no longer your home.  It belongs to the next buyer.  You still get to live there until closing, but it is no longer yours. 

You need to de-personalize your home.  You want buyers to look at your home not your wedding pictures and other personal things. 

If your closets, cabinets and bookshelves are overcrowded, the first thing that pops into a prospective buyer’s mind is, “If the owners don’t have room for their stuff, I won’t have room for my stuff.”  The things that are seasonal or that are rarely used, pack up!  You are moving, this just gives you a head start!  If you leave 25 to 33% of your closets, shelves, and cabinets empty, the first thing that pops into a prospective buyer’s head is, “The owners have plenty of room for their stuff, I will have room for my stuff.”

When was the last time you used your front door?  If you always go in through the garage, your front door and porch could look like you are ready for Halloween.  Are there spider webs?  Is it dusty and dirty? Are the door knob and lock corroded?  This is like your handshake when you first meet someone.   Does it say that there is delayed maintenance and the seller doesn’t care about his property or does it say  these people love their home and  have  taken good care of it?

Is your furniture arranged so that traffic flows easily through your home?  Is there too much furniture?

Remember when you bought your home, what did you look for, what impressed you?

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