Thinking of Buying Real Estate?

5 things you need to do to get ready to buy 

  1. Check your credit.  Look for any mistakes that may get in your way that you need to correct!
  2. Pay off as much credit card debt as possible.  This will give you a better debt-to-income ratio and allow you to buy more!
  3. Call a local lender to get prequalified.  Why a local lender?  You will get the best rates and service!  A lender in another city doesn’t know the Tallahassee market and will not feel the same sense of urgency in dealing with you that a local lender will.
  4. Find the last 2 years of tax returns and make copies.  Every lender will need to see these and you might as well have them ready.
  5. Find a Realtor that you want to help you.  The qualities you will want to look for in your Realtor are:  
    • A fulltime Realtor will know the market better than a part time Realtor
    • The internet is great but there will be no substitute for a savvy Realtor to helping you find the right home for you.
    • Your Realtor will be able to determine the amount to offer on your next home and sometimes the terms of your offer will be as important if not more important than the actual sales price.   This is where a Realtor’s superior negotiating skills will really be a great advantage to you!
    • A great Realtor will be there every step of the way to educate and advise you.  Cindy Cooper and Georgia Turner have over 37 years of combined experience to help make your real estate transaction as fast, fair and hassle free as possible!
    • Now that you’re ready to buy we’re here to help. Georgia Turner and Cindy Cooper are experienced and knowledgeable realtors who are excited to work with you as you start the exciting process of purchasing a home or property.  Call Georgia (850-385-6643) and Cindy  (850)-545-8076.