Time to Buy!

Is it really a good time to buy real estate?  In our opinion many will look back at 2012 and 2013 and say “I should have bought real estate back then.”

Why do we say that? 

Prices are lower than they have been in recent history!  Inventory is still high, giving you many choices! Mortgage interest rates are low, allowing you to buy more house for the money because your payments will be lower at today’s interest rates.

What if you have a property you want to sell before you buy another?

Although you might not get what you could have in 2005, you certainly won’t PAY what you would have in 2005 for your next property. 

What if you haven’t ever owned real estate and are not sure about how to go about it?  

Cindy and Georgia have tremendous knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire experience.  They can help you find special financing for first time home buyers.

Who pays the Realtors commission?

As a buyer it doesn’t cost you anything to use a Realtor.  The seller pays all of the real estate commissions.  Using Cindy Cooper and Georgia Turner can SAVE you money and hassle.  Their superior negotiating skills will help you get the best possible deal on your next home or investment property.

How do I find the right property?

Schedule a no obligation consultation with Cindy and Georgia.  Tell them what you hope for in your home.  They will do the work of exploring the market to find homes that will work for you and set up appointments to show them to you.  When Cindy and Georgia have found the perfect home, they will help you make an offer. 

Now that I have found a home I want to buy, what is next?

Cindy and Georgia will research the area to help you arrive at a reasonable offer and negotiate on your behalf.  After you have an accepted offer, they will help you find a licensed inspector to inspect the property to make sure that it is in good shape. If repairs are needed, they will help you negotiate with the sellers to have the repairs completed before closing.  

We are there every step of the way from the very beginning to the day you get the keys to your new property! 

We look forward to working with you. Give us a call: Georgia  at 850-510-4286 and Cindy at 850-545-8076.